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CREUS is supporting mentors and peer mentors across Europe to develop their vocational skills when they are supporting young people in non-formal and unusual settings, for example: at a community music festival within a housing estate or at an immersive theatre event in a shopping mall, or an arts session within a young people's hostel. 

We are exploring what transferable skills they use and what they need to know in order to develop further as a creative mentor.  Life skills like communication and confidence, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural competence and social/interpersonal skills. 

Young people aged 16-24 who are not in education, employment or training are being supported by CREUS peer mentors, and improving in their transferable life skills (confidence, communication, team-working, presentation, problem solving, time management, responsibility, attitude & motivation) to help them experience achievement & success. 

Seven organisations are involved in CREUS, from across five countries (Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Netherlands and UK), all with extensive experience of working with young people facing social exclusion. This strategic partnership brings together diverse, complementary knowledge and expertise for successfully tackling the development of young people’s personal development and life skills. 

The project is supported by the European ERASMUS+ programme. 

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