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CREUS in Cyprus

The recent CREUS partnership meeting took place in Cyprus hosted by Hope for Children. Over two days the partners presented work to date on some of the most exciting aspects of CREUS. Collage Arts presented the draft version of the CREUS curriculum and practitioner guide which included tools and resources mentors will use to deliver CREUS in their own local or regional contexts. The curriculum is co-designed by all partners whose ambition was to create an open and flexible modular programme which equips peer mentors with the skills, knowledge and competences needed when mentoring peers in unconventional creative spaces. This flexibility means both current partners and external organisations and professionals can use the curriculum and tools beyond the lifespan of the CREUS project. This is an exciting aspect of the legacy of CREUS. Partners also discussed accreditation programmes such as Youthpass and suggested that CREUS peer mentors could use Youthpass to validate their learning and development. In the UK peer mentors are using CLOCK to validate the learning and development as they progress as peer mentors.

The partnership meeting also gave everyone the opportunity to discuss the development of the e-platform for the CREUS project. All the materials created throughout the life of the project will be available to access via the e-platform. The rationale for this is so that the tools and resources, and the knowledge and experience of the CREUS partners is shared in an accessible and user friendly way.

Special thanks to Hope for Children for hosting the meeting, and thanks to Rinova, Mulab, Erifo, DIMITRA, and Hope For Children for sharing their expertise and ideas throughout the two days and inspiring us all with stories of the projects and activities they are delivering as part of the CREUS pilot.

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